When playing Omaha or Holdem or any other poker version then it is necessary to sign up for rakeback when joining with an online poker room as it maximizes players profits. If you play a lot and rake approximately $3,000 per month then getting 30% of your rake back is very good.

You need to be very aggressive in Omaha if you have the best poker hand . When you have a good draw then most likely you have to pay to see the next card . Tactical moves like bluffing or slowplay are quite useless in the smaller limits.

Bluffing only works when you are up against couple opponents and the pot is small which doesn’t happen very often in Omaha. Every player has six „poker hands“ preflop so they will most likely hit something .

In Holdem you can bluff when you are on the blind and when the flop consists of three small cards which make a pair, like 2-2-9. Since there are no draws and only five cards out there which have a piece of this flop and mostly people do not play them, it is very likely that anyone has anything. If the pot is small then being on the blind is the perfect spot to try and bluff here . The blinds can have anything, why not even 9-2?

In a tight Omaha game bluffs also work. The best opportunity for that is maybe when there is a flush on the board Jc-6c-Kc and you have Ac. It is very likely that someone has the flush but since you have the ace then it is highly likely that smaller flushes get folded .

Mathematically it is the same situation with 9c-2c-Tc board and the opponent has Kc. Poker is a very psychological game. Some players need to see opponents cards when they have Kc, that could make them want to „check out“ their opponents cards. It is much easier to hold back your curiosity with a Jc.

If you have the nut flush in Holdem then slowplaying might be good if the board looks safe . In Omaha the board is always dangerous ! On the river there are 12 cards which could bring a pair to the board and give someone a full house. In Holdem one player gets a pair every second hand but in Omaha three or four players have at least one pair in their pocket cards.

This goes for small stakes Omaha only as mentioned before . Omaha changes along with the limit . Games get tighter, raises become more usual and tactical draws are more important. Mathematical poker turns into psychological and you need to focus on reading your opponent.

When you are starting with Omaha you should first look for rakeback. Look for Noxwin Rakeback or 888 Poker Rakeback as they are the best places where to start with Omaha. Lots of beginner players which makes it easier for you after you have read a bit of Omaha poker strategy!